Monday, March 19, 2012

New Orleans and SGC (sort of)

So new Orleans is pretty frickin' awesome. I piggy backed down with the other printmaking grads who were going down to the Southern Graphics Council meet. I didn't register or anything, as I wanted to treat the trip more like a vacation. My first and last Spring Break as a student ever. And it was, too. I got the best of both worlds in the trip. I still got to check out some fantastic art while getting a good dose of what New Orleans is. I plan on going back someday for no other reason other than to soak in some more of the city and its flavors. I took a lot of black and white shots for some monotype work or screen print as well. So looking back it was an awesome working vacation. Here's some of the black & white stuff for fun. More potential for portrait work now that I look over it. Could be interesting...

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