Friday, February 3, 2012

Laundromat Chronicles Special Edition

So I find myself at the laundromat again this week following the loss of my last good pair of pants. A tragic lab tech accident involving black acrylic ink took out the only good pants I had left. So I'm at the laundromat washing new pants. It's tranquil, and I feel totally safe knowing the laundromat is being well protected. Our champion has appeared to guard us! There's a guy here that looks to be in his late 30's. His sweatpants are a couple of sizes too small, and he's proudly displaying his trade paperback collection of Iron Man comic books. His Dungeons & Dragons t-shirt proudly displays a sword and shield, the mark of a man who surely must play the role of the Paladin! I'm secure in this belief as his mighty t-shirt has the appearance of a tunic thanks to the battle-worn, studded leather belt that's buckled around his waist over the t-shirt. I'm quite confident that should should a Red Dragon appear, our laundromat stronghold will be safe!!!

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