Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Laundromat Chronicles: Blogspot Edition

I don't often do laundry at night. Tonight is the exception, though, as it simply isn't going to get done this weekend. Nor can it wait any longer. And so it is that I get the pleasure of watching the two Bros who have arrived to do the what appears to be family laundry. I don't think they've done this before. One of them has the snazziest white cowboy boots that have ever been constructed. I'm sure I'm envious of his bitchin' kicks in another dimension. Add to that his terrible orange toned, bleached bowl cut, and I quite likely want to be him in another dimension. May my existence be short-lived in that dimension.

I also get the luxury of enduring Brielle and Serenity, the demonic children who arrived with their grandmother, who happens to be laundromat's manager this evening. They've struck a bargain with loquacious demon child who was already here, agreeing to play a game of tag (much to the grandmother's dismay).

Never again will I do laundry at night. Ugh...


  1. No catfights over who was next in line for the dryer? At least you were able to get some free entertainment!

  2. I tried to be sly and grab some pics of the boots, but that guy moved too fast. Those boost were clearly made for more than walkin'...

  3. Also, I can't get used to not having Like buttons.