Monday, March 17, 2014

I'm a...Junior High...Art...Teacher. Help me.

Yep, I'm a junior high art teacher. I recall very specifically telling people in the not too distant past that there was NO WAY I would ever teach Junior High. But here I am. As I look out across my classroom during 1st period, I have to ask myself why. Seriously. About 6 of these kids work. Thankfully, they're hard workers and really do give me some great art. The other 23...I don't know. I'm kind of lost on what to do. Maybe there's nothing to do. Second period is fine. As always,the students are working hard in 3rd period. I know I'll see a definite dip in working during 4th period. Somehow they're actually worse than 1st period. It's really a little demoralizing. I have these great memories of junior high and high school art. I don't remember this lack of working being so prevalent, or the behavior being quite this bad. But then I was probably also one of these 6 students who loved art class. Maybe it was just as bad but I was insulated since I was enjoying things. I don't know. I'm about start rambling. Maybe things will pick up as we get into glazing the ceramics projects. I hope. Sigh...

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