Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Pretty dang awesome news today. I had a whopping 6 minutes to see how my students did at the Ector Count ISD Student Art Show today after school. My students took home SEVENTEEN RIBBONS!! Not too shabby! The kids even scored blue ribbons in 4 categories, including Printmaking and Watercolor. Okay, to be fair, my total sweep of the art books category happened because I basically created my own category. But let's not make this too technical. I was really worried while I was hanging the show as most of my work was small compared to the work from the other junior highs. But it all worked out great! So proud of my students (which is a refreshing change). Here is a small sample of the winning work. Better pictures to come after the show, and after the removal of that god-awful shrink wrap we had to wrap the work in...

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